Foodiefy is an app for young people in to cooking, creative and without time.

The first step was working on the splash screen because I could define the visual style along with the branding.

Maybe it is not necessary in the end, depending how the app evolves, but a splash screen with a quick login system in order to store the user data is very useful.

Since it is a read-only app it could be possible to use it without signing up.

The idea was to have a simple and clean style where the recipe photos had the visual power and the steps were clear and easy to read.

The background of the splash screen could be tiny videos in loop with little kitchen actions with an organic pattern above.

The organic pattern it is used also to break that much simplicity along the app.

I was focused in creating a MVP with the basic functions asked in the briefing. In the drafts you can see the multiple possibilities of the app.

The MVP main screen gives you already the content, arranged by simple categories and displaying the most practical information like the speed of cooking it, the name and the appealing photo. Since this is an app for people without time I wanted to do a very simple UI that it worked in a glance.


Other options of this screen are the profile link (chef icon) and the search.

The clip icon helps us to mark our favourite recipes in order to find them more easily. These are located in the dedicated category: “clipped.

Every recipe has its detail screen. There is an introduction to the dish and the list of ingredients with a km.0 label.

Also there is the possibility to label this ingredients for season, organic, calories, etc.

The basic info like the speed of cooking and the number of guests can add aspects like origins, season, healthy, etc.

All the data can be tagged in order to be able to list them in a more precise way.

From this screen you can start the cooking process (play button on android).

Instead of having a long text explaining all the recipe, I though that it can be useful to have the a step by step solution in different screens to follow them while cooking.
A sharing option is very useful in this screen.

Once you started the cooking process, the steps are displayed one by one, with an illustration or photography and a little description of the step to follow.

  • Current step display
  • Close button
  • Previous and Next buttons.
  • Voice button: This button activates the voice recognition and the read-aloud text function. While cooking you can listen the text, ask for a repetition or previous or next step.

Since this is an MVP and existing the possibility to use the app without signing up, a profile screen was useless but it was in the briefing so I wanted to create a functionality for it.

A filtering system from the dietetics preferences of the user, so if the user has any intolerance or restrictive food option, it is possible to filter it from the beginning.