An online version of their summer camp for kids from 12 to 18 years old who are unable to attend the in-person summer camp due to cost and time reasons.

User Research

Lean Survey Canvas

We gathered quality data research conducting some interviews and we received quantity data from a survey we designed.

Affinity Diagram



Problem Statement

Kids are willing to learn languages but in Summer their motivation decrease.

Design Opportunities

  • Kids learn languages playing video-games following the story and reading instructions.
  • Kids from 12 to 18 use mobile devices every day.

Value Proposition

An educational platform that works as a videogame and it allows kids to learn while playing alone and with others.


User Personas

Empathy Map

User Journey Opportunities

Story Board


Ideation Process

User Stories & Flow

Concept Testing (prototyped in Marvel)

Low Fidelity Prototype





The idea was to create something so crazy and colourful that the user wanted to play over and over again. We added some chiptune music to the mix to spice up the project even more.


Graphic Style I

Graphic Style II

High Definition Prototype